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Rúben Gouveia



21 October 2018: finalist for the UbiComp Gaetano Borriello Outstanding Student Award, given to a student who has made outstanding research contributions to the field of ubiquitous computing.

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Twente's Department of Design, Production and Management. My research has focused on designing, developing and evaluating tools that support health and wellbeing. I have been interested in understanding the everyday use of these tools, and how, in turn, they shape individuals’ behaviors.

My work has been published and awarded in top venues in the field of HCI, such as CHI and Ubicomp. My full list of publications can be found on google scholar.
I completed a BS, MS and PhD in Computer Science (with a specialisation in HCI) at the University of Madeira. While living most of my life in Madeira, I’ve led a semi-nomadic lifestyle – living a considerable number of years in Sydney, and months, across Antwerp, Seattle, Limassol and more recently, Freiburg.

Exploring the everyday use of health and wellness tools

We have focused on the development and field trial of novel research prototypes, with the goal of understanding the use and adoption of tools that promote health and wellness, and their impact on people’s behaviors. read more

Related Publications
Activity Tracking in vivo

Rúben Gouveia, Evangelos Karapanos, Marc Hassenzahl.

CHI, 2018. pdf

Exploring the design space of glanceable feedback for physical activity trackers

Rúben Gouveia, Fábio Pereira, Evangelos Karapanos, Sean Munson, Marc Hassenzahl.

Ubicomp, 2016. pdf talk slides | publisher

Wellbeing in the Making: Peoples’ Experiences with Wearable Activity Trackers

Evangelos Karapanos, Rúben Gouveia, Marc Hassenzahl, Jodi Forlizzi.

Psychology of Well-Being, 2016. pdf publisher

How do we engage with activity trackers? a longitudinal study of Habito

Best Paper Honorable Mention (top 5%).

Rúben Gouveia, Evangelos Karapanos, Marc Hassenzahl.

Ubicomp, 2015. pdf talk slides | publisher


Supporting recollection with lifelogging

Clinically diagnosed memory disorders such as Alzheimer disease, impair episodic memories, drawing people away from their natural ability of recalling past experiences.

In this project, we have developed lifelogging systems with the goal of supporting memory recollection of significant experiences. read more

Related Publications
Footprint tracker: supporting diary studies with lifelogging

Rúben Gouveia, Evangelos Karapanos.

CHI 2013 . pdf talk slides | publisher